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that are not usually talked about.

"We are creating a space here for sharing personal stories of people who are dealing with health issues or complications that life has thrown their way. Together, we explore various topics through the stories of real people, whether from the perspective of the patient, a loved one, or the professional community."

Nina Formánek Jaganjacová

"Nina is the founder and head of the Sifty team. She is a graduate of the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science. Originally from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), she grew up in Prague. She has experience from the health sector of the European Commission in Luxembourg, the UNICEF HIV/AIDS office in Kazakhstan, and the United Nations headquarters in New York. She is the author of the #storiesabout project and also the author of the book Stories About Cancer. Last but not least, she is a co-founder of the health manager app HealthBase.


She enjoys music and street dance, which she competed in professionally. She is married and has 3 sons."

Nina Formánek Jaganjacová

founder of Sifty-52

author of the book #Stories About Cancer

Mája is currently a medical student at Masaryk University in Brno.


She greatly enjoys learning new information about how the human body works and then sharing it with those around her. That's why she carefully prepares expert content for our social networks so that we can provide you with expert information in the most understandable way possible, even for the general public. Mája is also a co-author of the book Stories About Cancer. She spends her free time studying, reading, and engaging in sports such as circuit training, running, and yoga. Additionally, she strives to combat misinformation about health and the human body.

Marie Tormová
Barbora Hájková

Marie Tormová

co-author of the book #Stories About Cancer

Social Media Content Creator

Baru is the latest member of the Sifty team. She was the driving force behind opening up the topic of cancer as part of the "Stories About" project. She is also a co-author of the book "Stories About Cancer," and in the book, you can read her personal story because she herself encountered cancer in 2017. Within the team, she is primarily responsible for communicating with patients and collecting stories. Baru has two young children, enjoys traveling alongside her husband, and loves nature. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Management at the Czech University of Life Sciences and participates in charitable projects, helping to raise awareness about cancer.

Barbora Hájková

co-author of the book #Stories About Cancer

Příběhy o rakovině


SIFTY, z.s.

Sifty is an organization dedicated to health education and prevention. We process health-related data backed by research, write articles, and create understandable infographics. We give lectures at high schools and actively disseminate education through social media. #StoriesAbout emerged as an important project that evolved from our work over time.


The first section on "Stories About Cancer" delves into the issue of cancer, which unfortunately affects every third citizen of the Czech Republic. Therefore, we are confident that this topic concerns each of us, whether from the perspective of a patient or a loved one.

The feedback on social media, from our close surroundings, and our own desire prompted us to write the first book titled "Stories About Cancer." The book accompanies oncology patients and their loved ones in a challenging phase of life and, through guides or personal stories, shows how to better cope with this disease.



The next topic we are addressing is "Stories About Fertility," where we will explore the complex issue of fertility through your stories. Lastly, together on social media, we will learn everything related to fertility—from how our reproductive organs function, through artificial insemination, to contraception.

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